Summer Has Arrived!


Hi guys! Sorry we have been gone for so long, many piggy apologizes.  Anyway, since it’s been warm and the grass is filled with clover and dandelions, Snickers and Sparky have been able to go outside.  My friend was kind enough to give them a daisy leash which he is currently enjoying.  Hopefully we will be on more! bye for now!


Lunchtime munchies

I would like to introduce all of you to the piggies absolute favorite snack.  Sun Salad.  They squeak every time they hear the bag its precious.  It has timothy hay, carrots, dried apple pieces, rose hips, bay leaves (their favorite), some regular food pellets, and a lot more.  If you do give this to your piggy, make sure its only a pinch.  It has a fair amount of sugar as well therefore just give it to them once a day.  As I already mentioned just a pinch 🙂 I hope your piggy enjoys it as much as ours.IMG_6301

Sparky’s lucky escape

This is one lucky piggy! Yesterday Sparky had an accident that could have killed him.  I was sitting outside on a lawn chair we have on out brick patio.  Sparky was sitting on my shoulder, which he has done ever since we got them and he would normally just sit there like a good boy.  However, that was the complete opposite of what happened yesterday.  I was talking to my mom and Sparky was still on my shoulder, then in the blink of an eye he jumped off my shoulder and laded PAWS FIRST on the brick ground.  I turned around to see his bolting across the ground as fast as he could.  I found him hiding in a bush and I picked him up and checked him over. Today he is perfectly fine! No broken bones, teeth, or neck! He doesn’t have such as a scratch on his paws either.  As a result of this incident, I have come to one conclusion.  PIGS CAN FLY!IMG_6163

A Trip, A Discovery, and An Accident

This post is well a mouthful of adventure for the piggies.  Last week me and the piggies needed to go to the vet for a nail clipping and a quick check up, little did we know what was ahead.  Snickers was first to get his nails clipped and all went smoothly.  Then Sparky got his nails clipped but we also asked the vet to take a look at his teeth because he wasn’t eating.  She revealed the shocking news SPARKY BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH!!! The vet gave him a pain killer and then took him back to the back room and took his two front teeth out.  After the vet we went home and Sparky was able to eat fine again.

Nappy Time!


Sparky went and fell asleep in my robe.



snickers can’t take paper work, poor little guy (LOL)

Well today is a sleepy cute post the piggies are hitting the hay and taking a nap.  Even though they are normally active unsqueakably loud  they still need a nap here and there.  Here are some adorable pics of them sleeping.